Longworth, the Book

Longworth, by J. Russell SmithLongworth is one of the very few books written about the Vietnam era that delves into what caused the ’60s to be so different from the ’50s, or any decade before or since.

It is instructional without being pedantic. It is less about the Vietnam war as a conflict and more about those who lived through the times and how they reacted to it.

In this book, you will learn:

  • The effect of the war on the national psyche.
  • How young men/women handled the uncertainty.
  • How this decade changed America forever.
  • How the war caused, in many cases, irreparable rifts between the youth and their parents.
  • How music affected the young, as well as their parents, by reflecting the actions of our leaders.
  • How music galvanized an entire generation.
  • How relationships can serve as a bulwark against uncontrollable events.
  • How the Vietnam war changed an entire generation forever, for good and ill.


This is a story of a young man drifting through life, seemingly without a concrete purpose, who gets caught up in events totally beyond his control.  How those events and his subsequent actions changed his life, along with most of his contemporaries, beyond recognition.  How sea-change events can shape our lives without our full knowledge in both a positive and/or negative way.” ~ J.Russell Smith